I am Cinda Phelps and I believe in the powerful healing properties of Botanicals and how the plant world interacts with the human body. As I begin my Blog, I will be writing articles introducing new and innovative ideas for organic skin care.

I will also be introducing new products for purchasing in my on-line store, providing natural solutions and answers to the many questions you the consumer may have in choosing safe and effective skin care for every member of your family.You will then be taken through the manufacturing process, as I explore and explain each ingredient and its’ benefits, using proper, consistent and effective levels of measure and control.

I will offer you a better understanding of how beneficial it is to handcraft organic skin care in small batches and how our process enables us to control the temperature of the heating process, preserving the therapeutic value of the active ingredients, how we control the quantity and quality of preservatives, and how we fragrance each product using therapeutic essential oils for the benefit of each skin type or condition.

As I write each article, I invite you to share your thoughts, ideas, questions or comments:

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